Corporate Profile: Biosecurity & Quarantine Procedures

Biosecurity relates directly to the overall herd maintenance and production programs. LAMPIRE's programs specifically address the housing of all animals and involve controlled access to production herds. Animal housing, personnel and animal flow, facility cleaning, and feeding operations are all integral parts of facility design.

In addition to daily observation, all LAMPIRE animals are monitored by accredited, staff veterinarians. The overall monitoring program involves several protective measures:
Quarantine procedures;
Serological screening;
Monthly veterinarian health assessments;
Monthly production reports and health reports;
Programs detailing the access of personnel, vehicles, and animals run under the auspices of the facility management staff and attending veterinarians.

LAMPIRE also has the ability to isolate animal herds upon customer request. Under such conditions, designated animals come in contact only with other animals that are part of the same program.

Other benefits relating to facilities, staffing, animal screening, and housing include
Biosecure facility design, which includes primary and secondary enclosures;
Highly trained and qualified full-time animal and maintenance staff;
Documented treatment, sanitation, and animal monitoring programs;
Immunization and vaccination protocols;
Controlled access systems and procedures for facility access and egress;
Documented feed procedures and programs.