Corporate Profile: Documentation & Traceability

With increased worldwide attention regarding the identification and traceability of biological raw materials contained within drugs, vaccines, and medical devices, LAMPIRE continues to lead as a global supplier of animal-based products. To ensure the disease-free status of all LAMPIRE animals, a rigorous screening program is part of a Quality System which includes serological screening, quarantine programs, feed history, health records, and documented animal lineage. LAMPIRE's ability to provide a high level of traceability and disease assurances enables the worldwide shipment of animal-based products, including bovine, for:
Medical device production worldwide;
Key reagents for the development of coagulation-related and in vitro diagnostic products;
Human blood replacements in the demonstration of surgical support equipment in hospital operating rooms and surgical suites throughout the United States;
Tissue culture reagents for media production.

Whether it is a one-time collection for research use or the routine supply of a critical raw material for the production of a medical device or pharmaceutical, LAMPIRE's staff will provide documentation needed to meet applicable FDA and European guidelines. The ability to provide documentation on each animal, including place of birth and diet, provides the client with complete traceability.

All LAMPIRE animal facilities are AAALAC-accredited, EC Regulation-compliant, USDA-registered, and hold NIH Animal Welfare Assurance from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (NIH-OLAW). Animals are uniquely identified and are monitored to ensure continued good health and production capabilities. These data are documented in individual health records as part of a donor blood production program.