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September 1, 2008

Next Generation LAMPIRE Cell Culture Bag released

by News Release - For Immediate Release

Pipersville, PA. September 1, 2008
LAMPIRE's newest product, the Next Generation LAMPIRE Cell Culture Bag, is a cost effective, easy-to-use cell culture device for growing hybridomas for antibody production, mammalian cells, epithelial cells, stem cells, tumor cells, fibroblasts, plant cells, as well as recombinant protein production, DNA/RNA extraction and more. Developed initially for internal Monoclonal research, our scientists further refined the bags for utilization by researchers worldwide. Current bag sizes range from 50ml up to 2 liter.

"Customer's in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academia use our Cell Culture Bags for many different applications and protocols in laboratory research through production scale up", says Barbara Quinter, Specialty Products Manager. "Historically, cell growth has been conducted in T-flasks and roller bottles which typically require additional equipment such as rolling mechanisms, tubing, and additional protocol steps to ensure exchange of nutrients and waste. Our customers appreciate the unique bag construction which provides for simplified protocols and ease of use." With the Next Generation LAMPIRE Cell Culture Bag, cell cultures may be grown effortlessly in a CO2 incubator just utilizing desired cells and the appropriate media formulation.

"The Next Generation LAMPIRE Cell Culture Bag is efficient, economical and environmentally responsible", notes Gregory F. Krug, President of LAMPIRE. "The more compact culture vessel enhances cell culture productivity per incubator space. Cell growth volumes within incubator space, such as in the Caron Products 6024 Reach-In CO2 Incubator with high wire rack capacity, provides for 96 one liter cell culture bags. This is 3 times as much media volume compared to flasks and roller bottles. And due to the higher media capacity, we've experienced 3-4 times the cell growth as well as higher protein and antibody yields. And with fewer bags used, combined with their collapsible size, disposal space is drastically reduced." Just open the presterilized individually wrapped bags, add media and cells to the full bag size (one liter of media in a 1 Liter bag), and incubate. Easy and productive from start to finish, easy to fill, easy to observe cell growth, easy to maintain, and easy to dispose. We invite you to evaluate The Next Generation LAMPIRE Cell Culture Bag in your lab with your cell lines and materials. To order or for more information, please contact LAMPIRE Customer Service at 215.795.2838.

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