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June 23, 2010

NEW PARTNERSHIP! Proliant & Lampire

by For Immediate Release

Proliant Health & Biologicals forms a strategic partnership with Lampire Biological Laboratories for custom and small package size customers.

Lampire Biological Laboratories has established a strategic partnership to do contract filling for Proliant Health and Biologicals, manufacturers of the world's most trusted, high quality Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). Lampire will be packaging and distributing Proliant's high quality Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) for those customers requiring packaging less than Proliant's standard 10kg containers. In addition to the lyophilized product that is used throughout the world, Lampire will also offer made-to-order aqueous blends in a buffer and package size of your choice. These formulations will be prepared in time to meet your demanding schedule and at a price that won't break your budget.

Proliant has become the world's pre-eminent bulk manufacturer of BSA, while Lampire maintains a worldwide market in biopharmaceutical and diagnostic testing products.

Several BSA preparations are available, including Standard Grade and Reagent Grade, and each is, at a minimum, protease-free, IgG-free, low endotoxin and low bioburden. In addition, all grades are prepared via a "closed loop" system, with every process tightly controlled: from raw material collection to fractionation, lyophilization, and packaging. Material is provided in liquid or powder form, and custom packaging is available.

LAMPIRE is proud to enter this collaboration with Proliant and is looking forward to continuing to supply the world with the highest quality products and services. For more information, please contact your local LAMPIRE representative.