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June 29, 2011

Dr. Jedd Hillegass, Ph.D. Presents at BIO 2011

by Lampire

Lampire Senior Toxicologist, Dr. Jedd Hillegass, Ph.D., presented during the BIO 2011 show in Washington, DC, on the topic of:

Incorporating The Zebrafish Embryo Teratogenicity Assay Into The Drug Discovery Process

Abstract: Opportunities exist to incorporate in-vitro developmental toxicology studies early in the drug discovery process as a means to proactively identify teratogenic compounds. One of the most promising assays utilizes zebrafish embryos as a model system
given their ex-vivo/rapid development, transparency, and relatively good conservation of embryological processes.

We hope you were able to attend Dr. Hillegass' presentation as well as visit with our technical staff. If not please feel free to download the presentation below. We are sure you will find it to be both informative and insightful.

LBL BIO 2011 Zebrafish Presentation