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January 27, 2017

Gregory F. Krug, selected as one of Pennsylvania Business Central’s Top 100 People

by Pennsylvania Business Central

Year after year, it has been Pennsylvania Business Central’s honor to celebrate the top 100 people in business and economic development who have learned through failures and successes how to develop both their organizations and communities.

To gain insight into how these industry leaders have learned through experience, we asked each one to name a mistake they have made in the past and how they have learned from it. How each selectee reacted to the mistakes in the past reveals how important real-life experience is to developing both the acumen and wherewithal to make it in business. It is our hope that after reading the profiles, you will realize that people are not defined by their mistakes nearly as much as by their ability to recover and learn from them.

To see how they would like to apply their expertise to their community, we asked each selectee what they believe the hidden potential of their community is and how they will help to realize it. Pennsylvania is made up of hard-working communities and we believe that the Commonwealth will continue to grow with the leadership exemplified in this edition.

Our editorial team once again had hundreds of nominations to select from to form this year’s list. Narrowing the total number of nominees down to 100 proved to be as difficult as ever.

We hope that the final list represents corporations and organizations large and small while also covering every region of our readership. Readers will see that whether you are a small tech company in Centre County or a paper manufacturer in Lewistown, there are always ways to excel in your field and help your community grow.

Gregory F. Krug
Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc.

Gregory Krug has guided Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc.’s growth and development since its inception in 1977. He completed acquisition of the corporation in 1979 and holds 100 percent ownership.

Despite heavy executive responsibilities, Krug is involved in local community support throughout Pennsylvania like the Lions Club International, Work to Ride, Tinicum Polo Club and local youth sports. He coaches youth football, lacrosse and basketball in addition to being a founding member of the Deep Run Lacrosse Board. He also is active in professional associations including the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, American Society for Microbiology and American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences and served on the Biopharmaceutical Advisory Board of the Eastern Technology Council.

Organizations such as the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania regularly call upon Krug to mentor startup life science companies. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute Board of Directors’ Executive Committee. In addition, he sits on the St. John the Baptist Finance Council and School Board.

Krug’s involvement with youth though educational institutions provide encouragement to students, our next leaders. Krug truly has betterment of the community in mind and understands the necessity of support.

Looking back on his career, Krug thought of one particular time when he wishes he would have followed his gut.

“When it comes to interaction with employees, don’t be afraid to follow your heart. As a company leader, do not allow yourself to be directed solely by the opinions of others. I very much regret letting go of a very good scientist under the guise of making cuts in order to help the company’s bottom line. … He was a longstanding and trusted employee; I will always regret letting him go,” he said.

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