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May 9, 2017

LAMPIRE Biological Labs acquires H.B. Custom Media

by Lampire PR

Pipersville, PA:

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, Inc., announced it has completed the acquisition of H. B. Custom Media, based out of the Ben Franklin Tech Ventures Business Center, in Bethlehem, PA. The acquisition includes all equipment, materials and personnel.

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, Inc., is a provider of human and animal blood and blood products, OMNI C3 cell culture bags, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, manufacturing, and purification services and operates as a Critical Material Manufacturer for a number of fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries. LAMPIRE offers clients a wide array of products and services fundamental in the fields of drug discovery, compound development and clinical and research diagnostics.

In complement, H. B. Custom Media Inc. (HBCM) is a supplier of custom tissue culture media, reagents, supplements and animal embryo culture media to the Research Use Only (RUO) market for cell culture and the culturing of embryonic stem (ES) cells, both human and animal. H. B. provides the research scientist with the ability to obtain high quality custom tissue culture media and reagents for a lower cost with faster turnaround times and personalized service than the competition.

“The addition of media production to our portfolio will not only augment our LAMPIRE product line, but will enhance our ability to provide industry-leading monoclonal antibody production and tissue culture services to our clients,” said Gregory F. Krug, President of LAMPIRE. “The synergy is clear, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to expand in this marketplace.”

Karen Hoskins, former CEO of H. B. Custom Media explained, “In order to grow, we needed to offer cGMP manufacturing and expand our infrastructure. Given LAMPIRE’s stature in the industry, it was an obvious choice for us.” The manufacturing of all H.B. Custom Media products will be consolidated to LAMPIRE’s Pipersville Biotechnology Center. Karen Hoskins has joined the LAMPIRE family as a Senior Operations Scientist, focused exclusively on the manufacturing and distribution of our newly released LAMPIRE Custom Media line of products.

The transition is expected to be completed by the beginning of June, 2017. Additionally, all H. B. products will be rebranded with the LAMPIRE name, including updates being made to the labeling, associated documentation and quality control standards.

“We’re enthusiastic and energized by everything happening at LAMPIRE” added Krug, “there are many exciting new things in 2017, and for a company entering its 40th year, continued improvement and growth is critical to our branding and reputation.”