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October 25, 2017

DelVal Univ adds Gregory F. Krug, Pres/CEO, Lampire Biological Labs, to Board of Trustees

by Lampire PR

Oct 25, 2017

Delaware Valley University has announced it has added Gregory F. Krug, Class of 1977 to its Board of Trustees.

Krug is president and CEO of Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc., a life sciences company he founded in 1977. Lampire has earned primary vendor status with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device manufacturers worldwide. Lampire has six facilities in Pennsylvania and is considered one of the state’s top workforce development companies.

Krug is committed to providing students with opportunities to gain experience through internships that prepare them to move into careers in the life sciences. The company works with several universities and high schools in the area to encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

Lampire has provided antibodies used to develop cancer drugs and to detect heart attacks and strokes. The company has also developed and produced antibodies used in the detection of biological warfare. Lampire’s OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag has been augmented by a menu of custom cell culture media following the acquisition in May 2017 of HB Custom Media. This new product line includes custom tissue culture media, reagents, supplements and animal embryo culture media for the Research Use Only (RUO) market for cell culture and the culturing of embryonic stem (ES) cells, both human and animal. Lampire continues to focus and expand its industry leadership in Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) sales and marketing, adding new custom lyophilized and aqueous formulations to its product offerings. Lampire is actively engaged in the use of Lobster Hemocyanin as an immunology conjugate as a potential replacement for KLH as well as other cosmetic applications. Lampire will be intensely focused on work involving the development of animal vaccines.

Krug has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Delaware Valley University. Other Trustee inductees include: Allen H. Child, Dr. Linda A. Detwiler, ’80, Andrew G. Dougherty, ’00 and the board’s first student representative, Julia Reynolds ’18 a Conservation and Wildlife Management major from Paramus, New Jersey.