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February 20, 2019

Gary Klinger, promoted to General Manager


For Immediate Release
February 20, 2019

Pipersville, PA - Lampire Biological Laboratories announces the promotion of tenured team member, Gary Klinger, to General Manager

Lampire, an industry-leading biological raw material manufacturer with six facilities located across Pennsylvania, is proud to announce the promotion of veteran team member, Gary Klinger, to General Manager. In the role of General Manager, Gary Klinger will direct and coordinate manufacturing activities of all production-related company departments. Responsible for the overall operation of the production facilities, Mr. Klinger and his team will work closely with facility managers and our QMS system to make improvements in areas to create efficiencies across all Lampire. In his new role, Mr. Klinger will serve as a member of the senior leadership team which will further strengthen Lampire’s executive team as the company continues to lay the foundation for longevity and long-term growth.

“As a company dedicated to the professional development and continuous growth of our team members, we are incredibly proud to announce that Gary Klinger will be promoted to the role of General Manager.” said President and CEO, Gregory F. Krug. “With over 20+ years of extensive laboratory production, manufacturing and industry experience, Gary was the ideal candidate to oversee our operations across all of Lampire moving forward.”

Academically, Mr. Klinger earned his Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from Millersville University. In his most recent position, as Lab Manager, Mr. Klinger gained more than 20+ years of experience in the processing and manufacturing of biological raw materials. Beginning his career on the eastern side of PA, Mr. Klinger developed and expanded Lampire’s first monoclonal antibody development program. When Lampire made its first western expansion, Mr. Klinger, relocated to Everett, PA to take on the daunting project of the design, construction and opening of the Everett Bioprocessing Lab. Since 2007, when it opened, the Everett Lab has expanded, adding unique multi-layered custom projects. Most recently, Mr. Klinger was involved in the acquisition of an additional adjacent farming property. This property expansion will position Lampire to fulfill the needs of it's customers for many years to come. During his time in Everett, Mr. Klinger has worked with the local schools and supported the training and recruitment of students for life science industry positions in Bedford County.

“It has been very rewarding for me to see and participate in the development of Lampire over the years. I appreciate this latest opportunity,” said Klinger “I am looking forward to the new challenges and am excited by the potential for Lampire to reach new heights in the coming years.”

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories has earned primary vendor status with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotechnology and medical device corporations worldwide. Commitment to quality and customer service has established Lampire as a key resource for clients through the research and development, scale-up and optimization stages of product development and subsequent production. Lampire also serves academia and government research agencies involved in the areas of immunology, cell biology, cell signaling, pathology, molecular biology and clinical medicine.

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