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September 30, 2020

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories Fights Against Pandemic

by Bucks Prospectus A Newsletter for Bucks County Business and Industry Communities

Since Mid-March, LAMPIRE has remained open and available to support their clients and the scientific community. Early in the pandemic, the company adopted the slogan, Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow. Strongest Together. By working their Strongest Together, LAMPIRE and their partners across the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, banded together to face head-on the challenges presented by COVID-19. LAMPIRE is proud to join other corporations across Bucks County fighting the battle against SARS-CoV2, by working diligently to ensure supply continuity of high-quality raw materials, reagents, viral transport media and research support services. These products and services, manufactured right here in Bucks County, are critical in the demand for large volumes of viral/diagnotic testing components and the manufacturing of test kits as well as for research in vaccine development.

LAMPIRE President and CEO, Gregory F. Krug, has been a board member of the BCEDC for over a decade and understands how difficult it has been, for everyone, across many industries, to weather this pandemic. "I am very proud of our LAMPIRE family and the way they have united in support of each other and our customers during these challenging times. We have heard from many of our partners, that the materials LAMPIRE manufactures and supplies to them are critical to saving lives around the world. Thank you BCEDC, for the privilege to share with our Bucks County community the role LAMPIRE has played so far in the fight against COVID-19." Gregory F. Krug, President.

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories Fights Against Pandemic

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, headquartered in Bucks County, PA, supplies critical reagents to Fortune 100 biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies around the world. Together with their research and manufacturing partners, LAMPIRE is collaborating to discover solutions to the SARS CoV2 pandemic.

LAMPIRE products and services are significant in the fight against the COVID pandemic in many different ways. LAMPIRE’s raw materials and reagents, such as Mouse IgG, and other purified proteins are being used for the manufacture of mass quantities of SARS CoV2 diagnostic tests. In addition, LAMPIRE’s line of Viral Transport Media is being used to store and transport COVID-19 patient specimens for evaluation. Finally, LAMPIRE team members are working with our research partners on polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development programs to develop antibodies for rapid tests that can have results in minutes.

Antibodies are proteins made by white blood cells that recognize, bind and neutralize pathogens during an immune response. Humans can have BILLIONS of different antibodies. When a person is exposed to something foreign (a pathogen) or an antigen (bacteria, virus, parasite, pollen and/or protein), our immune cells generate antibodies that are highly specific against that particular antigen. Those newly generated antibodies tag the intruding antigen for destruction. In the case of SARS CoV2, research has revealed, the Viral S-protein binds to human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE-2). In order to prevent infection, we must develop antibodies to block this interaction and destroy the virus.

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories specializes in custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, secondary antibodies, purified proteins, immunoglobulins, BSA, animal blood, tissues and organs, normal and disease state human serum and plasmas, viral transport media, cell culture media, cell culture bags and contract manufacturing. LAMPIRE is an ISO 13485 and AAALAC accredited US manufacturer of raw materials and reagents used for research, diagnostic and manufacturing around the world. Contact LAMPIRE at to find out more.