With over 30 years of antibody, tissue culture, immunochemistry, and blood product experience, LAMPIRE brings unique knowledge and skill to its customers. Since inception, LAMPIRE has grown steadily and currently offers excellent products and services in the following areas:

Polyclonal Antibody Services: LAMPIRE offers easy-to-initiate, pre-packaged services and custom protocols designed specifically for your needs. Each project begins with a review by our expert staff who will help with species selection, antigen design, and immunization protocol. Additional services include pre-immune screening, antigen conjugation, titer testing, and antibody purification, and conjugation.

Monoclonal Antibody Services: Comprehensive services from research- to bulk-scale production, hybridoma development, cell line optimization, serum-free production, supernatant concentration, antibody purification and characterization, plus cell bank production, testing, and storage.

Peptide Synthesis: To complement the polyclonal and monoclonal services, LAMPIRE offers custom peptide design and synthesis. The convenient HARMONY-LINE Services combine peptide synthesis and polyclonal antibody development into a low package price (page 57). Peptides are provided with Mass Spectrometry and HPLC Quality Control data to assure a consistent, reliable product.

Immunochemicals & Related Reagents: LAMPIRE offers purified immunoglobulins, secondary antibodies, and conjugates of these products in research and bulk scale. Each lot is produced within the guidelines of a stringent Quality System to assure consistent product characteristics and performance.

Animal and Human Blood & Biological Products: LAMPIRE is an industry leader in the collection of donor- and abattoir-derived, animal tissues and organs and offers an extensive array of products. The company maintains closed herds for the production of donor whole blood, serum, and plasma. A variety of species are available including alligator, bovine, chicken, donkey, goat, horse, porcine, and sheep. Bovine-derived products are traceable for U.S. origin. LAMPIRE also offers a wide selection of New Zealand- and Australia-sourced animal tissues and organs. Human whole blood, serum, plasma, and disease state plasma are subject to the quality control measures required by FDA-licensed collection facilities.