Client Reports & Sample Data

Monthly Client Boarding Report

Each month, clients receive reports similar to those depicted below. These reports detail items such as past and future project milestones and antigen inventories. In addition to understanding the progression of your projects, these reports help ensure the status of individual animals on each project is being tracked. We have found this helps minimize the number of project animals that are “pending or awaiting” instructions.

In addition, LAMPIRE can maintain your client reports and protocol status on a secure website. In addition to monthly client reports, up-to-date immunization protocols can be made available, allowing you to track the status of a project and verify any desired protocol modifications.

ELISA Testing

As an optional service, LAMPIRE will perform ELISA testing of your antisera or purified antibody. Assays can be run against the host antigen or any additional target antigens provided. Upon completion of the assay, LAMPIRE's technical staff will contact you and discuss the results and available options. These may range from protocol and/or antigen modification to the termination of non-responding animals.