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Antibodies to Chemotherapeutic Agents

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, in collaboration with Saladax Biomedical, has developed a series of highly-specific monoclonal antibodies to the chemotherapeutic agents listed below. These novel, well-characterized antibodies will advance the detection of chemotherapeutic agents in clinical research, quality control laboratories, and hospital settings worldwide. The availability of these antibodies allows the development of sensitive immunoassays which will be more rapid, convenient, and cost-effective as compared to current detection methods such as Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
AntigenAntibody TypeFormatCat. No.Price
4-Hydroxy-CyclophosphamideMonoclonalProtein A Purified7476424 $1188/mg
BusulfanMonoclonalProtein A Purified7476414 $1188/mg
DocetaxelMonoclonalProtein A Purified7476434 $1188/mg
DoxorubicinMonoclonalProtein A Purified7476444 $1188/mg
Estradiol (Clone Est-14.1)MonoclonalProtein A Purified7476584$130/mg
Estradiol (Clone Est-5.2)MonoclonalProtein A Purified7476574$130/mg
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Clone Mtb-5.3.5)MonoclonalProtein A Purified7476594$130/mg
PaclitaxelMonoclonalProtein A Purified7476464 $1188/mg
Progesterone (Clone Pro-26.1)MonoclonalProtein A Purified7476564$130/mg
Progesterone (Clone Pro-6.1)MonoclonalProtein A Purified7476554$130/mg
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