Donor Products

LAMPIRE maintains closed herds for the production of donor whole blood, sera, and plasma. The animals are raised in breeding programs or are procured from outside sources via defined screening and quarantine procedures. The nutrition of each group is carefully managed using proprietary methods and thorough health records are maintained for all flocks and herds. Individual animal health records are monitored by technicians and staff veterinarians to ensure the continued eligibility of each animal in the Donor groups.

Clients may also select individual animals or designate a herd to fulfill critical production specifications. Please contact Customer Support to initiate pre-screening and evaluation procedures.

Whole Blood

Hematology Controls

Defibrinated, Lysed, Laked Blood

Washed Red Blood Cells

Normal Sera & Plasma

Control Sera & Plasma - Domestic

Control Sera & Plasma - Non Domestic

Control Glands, Tissues, & Organs