Monoclonal Antibody Services

LAMPIRE's Biotechnology Research and Resource Center in Pipersville, PA, offers an array of services for the research, development and production of monoclonal antibodies, using both in-vivo and in-vitro culture methods. Antibody production services are conducted under cGMP guidelines. LAMPIRE is FDA Registered, USDA Licensed, AAALAC accredited, and holds an NIH Assurance. All services are kept completely confidential. Our trained staff are a valuable resource available to you to help refine the details of the scope and design of your project. To begin discussion about your project, please contact us today by email or at 215-795-2838.


Designed to meet the needs of academic and industry scientists alike, the DISCOVERY-LINE Services provide hybridoma development at an affordable price. Each project begins with a thorough biochemical and biological analysis of your antigen, then a protocol is developed for your review by means of a Project Scope & Definition Form. After protocol approval immunizations begin, followed by titer screening and collaborative data review. Fusions and cloning then ensue as appropriate. At the end of the project the resultant cell line is delivered to, and is the property of, the client. As a safety measure LAMPIRE can hold, store, and maintain daughter cell lines, which are available to the client at any time.


The SELECT-LINE Services are cost-effective, customizable, solutions for small- or large-scale antibody production for established hybridoma cell lines. Performed at the Biotech Center in Pipersville, PA, a variety of cell culture techniques are available, featuring the LAMPIRE OMNI C3 Cell Culture Bag. Additional services include ascites, roller bottle, and bioreactor production.
Note: Both the DISCOVERY-LINE and SELECT-LINE Services use Balb/C mice; other strains may incur an additional charge.