Technical Service Team

Technical Service Team

LAMPIRE consistently receives >99% Customer Responsiveness Rating*

On-Staff Technical Expertise

  • Experienced & Technically Trained
  • Client Focused Customer Service
  • Detail-Oriented, Solution Driven
  • Business Collaboration Experience

*Based on scorecards received from top 500 life science companies.

 High Quality Deliverables

High Quality Deliverables

Lampire distributes 60% products and 40% services.  Lampire offers >20 unique species of animal whole blood, serum & plasma, as well as purified proteins, BSA and custom antibodies.  

Products & Services

  • Fast, Quality Turn-Around Time
  • Reproducible Results
  • Competitively Priced
  • Technical Support

QMS & Accreditations

>99% Quality, On-Time Delivery and Customer Responsiveness Rating*

Quality Management System

  • Consistency
  • High-level Performance
  • Reproducibility
  • Accreditations

*Based on scorecards from top 500 life science companies.  



Lampire has an extensive and diverse line of products and services and over 75-80% of Lampire products are customized to meet our client's specifications. 

  • FREE Technical Review
  • Cost Effective, On-Site Manufacturing
  • Extensive Experience in Process Innovations
  • Contract Manufacturing Capacity 
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LAMPIRE is prepared to remain open and continue operating at full manufacturing capacity throughout this pandemic.

If there is anything LAMPIRE can do to help, please reach out to us at or call 215-795-2838

To Support our Clients and the Scientific Community.



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LAMPIRE specializes in custom polyclonal & monoclonal antibody development...

...secondary antibodies, IgGs, BSA, animal blood, tissues & organs, normal & disease state human serums & plasmas, cell media, OMNI C3 cell culture bags & contract manufacturing. Our technical support services include free antigen review & design, peptide synthesis, purification, custom conjugation & immunoassay development. LAMPIRE is an ISO and AAALAC accredited, US manufacturer of high-quality, competitively priced products & services that ship around the world.