Everett Farm Campus

Everett Farm II

Encompassing over 600+ acres, LAMPIRE’s Everett Farm Campus houses an extensive variety of closed donor herd species for the collection of custom antisera, donor sera and red cell production program. Our expansive property allows LAMPIRE to maintain over 30 unique animal vivarium, including controlled spaces for small laboratory animals as well as large domestic and more unique breeds. Our Farm facility is AAALAC accredited. Featured at this site is the small animal vivarium. This complex features wall-to-wall epoxy quartz flooring, 24 hour temperature and humidity monitoring, separate air handling system, back-up generators and positive air pressure inside the facility to minimize the risk of contamination. LAMPIRE has the capacity for thousands of small laboratory animals. Improvements to the Everett Pharm Campus have also included a custom 12,000 square foot large animal vivarium with four segregated animal pens, outdoor pasture space and feed and hay storage. Additionally, LAMPIRE has acquired and identified space for a designated, distanced quarantine area, a closed breeding program and land for animal pasturing and planting. Investment in the Everett Pharm Campus emphasizes LAMPIRE’s commitment to finding new ways to expand capabilities, hone our processes, reduce production time and meet the needs of our clients.


9442 Clear Ridge Rd
Everett, PA 15537
United States


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