Message from the President


Dear Colleague,

We are excited to make our newly redesigned web site available to you. Offering you a more convenient way to find and order LAMPIRE products and services. As always our first priority is your satisfaction. Every order goes directly to one of our experienced customer service representatives. Upon receipt, you will be contacted with an order confirmation email.

Thanks to you, the scientific professionals of industry, academia, and government agencies worldwide, LAMPIRE has grown steadily since its inception in 1977. We now manage two expansive animal facilities, totaling over 600 acres in some of the finest agricultural country in North America. These sites house large domestic farm animals, unique breeds and small laboratory animals for custom antisera, bulk sera, plasma, and red cell production programs.

Additionally, LAMPIRE has three separate facilities manufacturing, processing and finishing our products. Over the past two decades, LAMPIRE has perfected our ability to produce custom antibodies and we offer high quality antibodies at an excellent value, intellectual property and with quick turnaround times. We also manufacture and distribute quality purified proteins, reagents, BSA, cell culture media, viral transport media and our own OMNI C3 Cell Culture Bags.

I am especially proud of our expert personnel: attending veterinarians, Ph.D. scientists, technical sales associates, customer service representatives, animal and laboratory technicians, as well as facility and production managers. Working together, Team Lampire operates our farm and laboratory facilities under current Good Manufacturing Practices and our robust QMS. Our sales associates, customer service representatives and project managers are available to answer your questions promptly and accurately. 

You can count on LAMPIRE's commitment to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy, we'll make it right. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


Gregory F. Krug