Why Lampire?

Why Lampire



Our cGMP compliant Quality System drives our production processes and monitors our customer service associates, to ensure consistent, high-level performance.


We understand the importance of project timelines. Our systems allow us to rapidly customize to your needs and project those timelines accurately. These are established prior to initiation and are monitored continuously. As priorities change we provide the ability to rapidly respond and adjust accordingly. Specialized facilities give us the ability to focus on the end goal of your project.


Our entrepreneurial vision enables us to foster innovation and creativity thus creating the highest quality products, and provide value to our customers. LAMPIRE is constantly looking into cutting edge technologies, which help our clients reduce their costs while further optimizing processes. 


LAMPIRE has the ability to customize nearly all of our products and services to meet precise specifications, protocols and/or downstream requirements. By sharing your goals with LAMPIRE, our experts will help you work through any issue with FREE technical support. Our LAMPIRE client focused team will be by your side, with prompt communication and advocacy, from the receipt of your first inquiry to completion of your order, and beyond.


Our multiple facilities allow us to deliver the highest quality products and services at reduced costs. With our ability to do in-house testing and immunochemistry, offer custom protocols and cutting edge technologies, LAMPIRE can cut manufacturing costs by saving our clients both time and money.


At the foundation of LAMPIRE’s longevity, growth and our client’s success, is our exceptional personnel. Comprised of over 140 professionals with a wide array of backgrounds, our teams are what distinguishes LAMPIRE. As experts in their respective fields, our team members consistently position LAMPIRE to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

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Experienced technical partner with over 42 years servicing the life science industry

Customizable products available to meet your specifications

Knowledgeable and responsive sales and customer service staff

Competitive pricing, from research sized to bulk quantities

Quality driven cGMP production, ensuring consistent, reproducible products

ISO 13485:2016 certification and AAALAC accreditation

Extensive diversity of animal donor models, exceeding 20 species

Technically trained, engaged and responsive project managers

Complimentary technical consultation for project optimization

Multiple attending and staff veterinarians on site

Prompt turnaround from inquiry to initiation

EU compliant products available for international shipping

Veteran worldwide exporter providing personalized international shipping expertise