2017 - 40th Anniversary of the founding of LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, Inc.

2017 - Acquisition of H.B. Custom Media in Bethlehem, PA.

2016 - Expanded Everett Farm operations- new facilities for quarantine, new site land development
housing nearly 500 sheep, with the ability to expand 4X

2016 - Obtains Certification to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003

2015 - 2,500 square foot cGMP Tissue Processing Facility built in Everett, PA

2015 - Expanded catalog with addition of new antibodies

2014 - Doubles purification capabilities with redundancies at multiple sites

2013 - Expanded transgenic animal models and facilities

2012 - Established new BioPharma business unit focused on companion diagnostics and expanded antibody production services under the direction of our Director of Biological Manufacturing

2011 - New high-tech vivarium added to Biotech Research and Resource Center in Pipersville, PA

2011 - Obtains New (EC) No.1069/2009 & (EU) No.142/2011 regulation compliance

2011 - Opens industry’s first AAALAC accredited llama antibody production facility

2010 - Established partnership with Proliant Inc. for custom and small packaging of BSA

2010 - Launches the OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag  

2010 - Recipient of the 2010 Pfizer ERS Difference Maker Award

2010 - Selected as only production member of the Pharmaceutical Zebrafish Consortium Establish DM/PK and Teratology Screening Services

2008 - Expanded contract manufacturing capabilities

2007 - Opens state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot Bioprocessing Laboratory in western PA

2006 - New, expanded Products and Service catalog released

2005 - Launches Lampire Cell Culture Bag, a proprietary cell culture device for improved protein yield

2004 - Opens state-of-the-art Polyclonal Production Facility at western PA campus

2004 - Obtains the first EC 1774/2002 Regulation compliance in State of PA

2004 - Opens western regional office in San Diego, CA

2002 - Obtains AAALAC accreditation for all campuses

2000 - Expanded western PA campus to over 400 acres

2000 - Opens BLS II large animal barrier facility on western PA campus

1997 - Grand opening of Biotech Research and Resource Center in Pipersville, PA

1995 - Expanded western PA campus to over 250 acres

1992 - Offers lateral-flow and immunoassay development services

1986 - Established 125 acre small and large animal laboratory and production facility in western PA

1986 - Acquisition of Mayer and Myles Laboratories in Coopersburg, PA.

1984 - Completed construction of specialized small Laboratory Animal Housing Facility

1982 - Established additional 40 acre small and large animal facility in eastern PA

1979 - Established two Large Animal production facilities in eastern PA

1977 - Lampire founded in Doylestown, PA