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PBMC Isolation from Naïve Animals

Lobster Hemocyanin Novel Carrier Protein

Cell Culture Media & Reagents


PBMC Isolation

from Naïve Animals

Lampire is excited to offer our complete line of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) from Naïve animals to researchers worldwide.  Lampire has a long history of supplying key research reagents to scientists.  The PBMC are made to exacting standards from domestic donors.  Lampire offers multiple species from our controlled colonies and can supply the cells in multiple buffers and formats.  Our standard line of catalog materials can be further customized for your unique research needs.  Lampire PMBC make an excellent companion product to your antibody discovery campaign.   


 Lobster Hemocyanin

Novel Carrier Protein

LAMPIRE has manufactured a novel carrier protein for the preparation of highly immunogenic antigens. LLH (Lobster Hemocyanin) is a protein purified from the sustainably sourced American lobster. LLH promotes the generation of rabbit polyclonal antibodies to conjugated haptens as effectively as KLH, and can be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with KLH. This product is exclusively distributed by LAMPIRE as a lyophilized powder in phosphate buffer saline and is packaged as 20 mg/vial. Other package sizes, including bulk, available upon request.


Cell Culture Media & Reagents

Lampire Viral Transport Media formulations support viral research and diagnostics in a wide range of capacities. This includes viral collection and transport, as well as the maintenance and culturing of cells.  Our LAMPIRE VTM is manufactured using the standards provided by the CDC. Applications for this product line include rapid antigen testing, molecular assays and direct fluorescent antibody testing. We offer research and bulk lot sizes, competitive pricing and fast delivery timelines to meet your needs.

Viral Transport Media LAMPIRE offers custom tissue culture media, reagents, supplements, and mouse embryo culture media to the Research Use Only (RUO) market for cell culture and the culturing of embryonic stem (ES) cells, both human and animal. Our cGMP standards ensure consistent, high quality products.  LAMPIRE cell culture media formulations are prepared using quality raw materials in USP grade purified H2O.