Cell Culture Bags

LAMPIRE OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag

The OMNI C3 bag is a simple-to-use, single-use device for the culture, harvest and storage of cells. The vessel is constructed using a USP Class VI medical grade material displaying the superior gas permeability needed to support rapid cell growth, and with the robustness necessary for centrifugation. The bags are available for purchase in several sizes (from 50mL up to 2L) and most sizes fit into standard centrifuge adaptors and rotors, for single-step cell harvesting using standard centrifugation conditions. This next generation of Lampire cell culture bags can be used with greater fill volumes than other standard cell culture devices, while still delivering high protein yields.

No extraneous shaker or stirring devices are required with the OMNI C3 Cell Culture Bag, and only a simple CO2 incubator is needed. The use of highly compact wire shelving, such as those available with the Caron Products 6024 Reach-In CO2 Incubator provide the space and capacity for up to 96 one liter cell culture bags, converting your Caron incubator into a bioreactor-scale system. This is 3 times as much cell culture volume compared to similar incubators filled with flasks and roller bottles.

Examples of cell types cultured using the OMNI C3 bags include: Hybridomas, CHO K-1, HEK293, Jurkats, Stem cells (embryonic and adipose-derived), sf-9 insect, CHO-S and plant cells.

The OMNI C3 bag is truly a multi-function device for cell culture dependent industries.


LAMPIRE OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bags are a simple, single-use bag, manufactured for the culture, harvest and storage of cells. Gas permeable, the OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag allows for the efficient transfer of gases, making it unnecessary for gassing the cultures. In addition, or in lieu of the screw cap fitment (which facilitates cell harvesting) the bags can be fitted with Luer-lock ports and/or needle ports for aseptic inoculation and sampling. These sterile connections minimize the opportunity for culture contamination. Ports can be used to connect several bags in a series for production scale-up. OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bags can be customized to include the quantity, and type of ports needed for each project. Our bags support rapid cell growth and are hardy enough to be used in centrifugation and/or for long-term cryo-cell storage. Also, using collapsable bags will reduce the amount and cost of collection of biological waste in your lab. 

The OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag will perform well with suspension cell lines such as hybridoma, CHO and HEK293. Adherent cell lines can be grown with the addition of an artificial polyester mesh substrate. Cell scaffold material is also available as an option and can maximize the production of anchorage dependent cells. These research use only bags are available in multiple standard sizes and configurations, or can be  customized for your project needs. Looking for optimal cell growth? Make sure to sample our catalog cell culture media products or reach out to our technical team to have your own custom formula manufactured. See our product listing or contact Customer Service for more information.

  • Cell Culture & Harvest
  • Cryo-Storage
  • Centrifugation
  • Leak Tested
  • Aseptic Inoculation
  • Electron Beam Sterilized
  • Efficient Transfer of Gases
  • Customizable Configurations & Volumes
  • Reduced Biological Waste
  • Connect for Production Scale-Up


  • Suspension Cells
  • Hybridoma, CHO, HEK293
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Adherent Cells
  • Anchorage Dependent Cells
OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bags

The SELECT-LINE Services enable small- and large-scale cell culture for established cell lines. A variety of cell culture techniques are available, featuring the new LAMPIRE® Cell Culture Bag. Additional services include roller bottle and bioreactor production. To begin discussion about any of these services, please contact us today by email or at 215-795-2838.