Viral Transport

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Lampire Viral Transport Media formulations support viral research and diagnostics in a wide range of capacities. This includes viral collection and transport, as well as the maintenance and culturing of cells.  Our LAMPIRE VTM is manufactured using the standards provided by the CDC. Applications for this product line include rapid antigen testing, molecular assays and direct fluorescent antibody testing. We offer research and bulk lot sizes, competitive pricing and fast delivery timelines to meet your needs. See our product listing or contact Customer Service for more information.


• Liquid Amies Media
• Veal Infusion Media
• CDC Viral Transport Media
• Customization Available


• Viral Collection
• Viral Transport
• Maintenance of Samples
• Long Term Freezer Storage
• Rapid Antigen Testing
• Direct Fluorescent Antibody (DFA)
• Viral Culturing
• Molecular Assays

Viral Transport Media