LAMPIRE has been a trusted supplier of animal blood-derived products, tissues, and organs for over 40 years. From Whole Blood and Washed Red Blood Cells to Filtered or Unfiltered Plasma and Sera, LAMPIRE can supply small volumes for research and large volumes for manufacturing. Consistent product quality, on-time delivery, and friendly customer support has helped LAMPIRE earn customer loyalty for three decades.

Whole blood, plasma, and sera are obtained from healthy, adult animals of unspecified gender. Upon request, a specific gender, age, or strain of donor animal may be available. Animals may also be fasted upon request. For whole blood and plasma products, prices include a standard anticoagulant. (See product listings for details on the anticoagulants available.)

NOTE: Lampire's Animal Blood Products and Tissues are not recommended for transfusion or the maintenance/preservation of tissues used for veterinary surgery. If product is needed for such an application, please contact Customer Service to discuss possible options.