LAMPIRE has manufactured a novel carrier protein for the preparation of highly effective immunogens. LLH (Lobster Hemocyanin) is a protein purified from the sustainable American lobster. This product is exclusively distributed by LAMPIRE as a lyophilized powder in phosphate buffer saline and is packaged as 20 mg/vial. Other package sizes, including bulk, available upon request.

  • LLH is an Effective Carrier Protein
  • Low Pre-Existing Immunity to LLH in Rabbits
  • Comparable Antibody Titers are Elicited between LLH and KLH Conjugated Protein & Peptide Antigens
  • Animals Immunized with LLH Conjugates Do Not Produce Cross-Reacting Antibodies to KLH
  • Immune Response to the LLH Protein is Less than to KLH; Enhancing Response to the Hapten
  • LLH Can Be Alternated in Immunization Protocols Utilizing BSA, OVA, and KLH to Reduce Immunodominance of the Carrier Molecule


  • Carrier Protein in the Production of Antibodies for Research, Biotechnology & Therapeutic Applications
  • Still Being Researched & Evaluated for Additional Benefits
Lobster Hemocyanin